Sunday, November 1, 2015

2nd Annual Humans to the Rescue Fundraiser

Dear Salt Lakers!
I am ready to begin our 2nd Annual Humans to the Rescue Fundraiser! I've partnered with the Utah Kids Foundation's Empty Stocking Fund to help 18 children and their families (and more, if possible) to have a special Christmas. These heroic families struggle with enormous medical bills and the constant need for medical supplies for their special needs children.
As the holiday season approaches, please think about your family and how lucky most of us are to have what we have, to live where we be able to do so much of what we can do, not just for ourselves, but for others in our community. Please show that Humans of Salt Lake City are not just known for being kind and friendly, honorable and diligent...but for being able to contribute to a worthy cause such as this.
Syndi Knowlton, the president and founder of the Utah Kids Foundation, has told me that they have worked very hard this year to make Christmas possible for these families and their children and she's worried that reaching this special goal might not be easy.
Please click on the link below to make whatever generous donation you can to help Syndi and her organization to provide Christmas for these very deserving families who need our help! All the proceeds for the Humans to the Rescue Fundraiser will go toward providing these families with medical supplies, clothing, furniture, toys, and gasoline cards.
Lastly, your contributions are tax-deductible and would be most appreciated! To spread the word, please also hit 'like' on this post so all your friends can see it and participate as well! Thank you all so much!