Saturday, October 18, 2014

Memories and A Story of Faith

'My life has been interesting when I think of it because my dad liked to I went to thirty-some schools before I graduated from high school. But I enjoyed it...I just could never get a lifelong close friend that're always running off from all your acquaintances. I'm not sure my mother enjoyed it. They would throw a mattress in the back of the pickup with a canopy and there were three of us children and we took turns riding up front or laying back on the mattress and that's how we traveled and we went everywhere.'

This lovely lady, Sister Bronson, told me another interesting story of a time when she thought she had run out of money to pay for a plumbing bill.  She happened to look down from wherever she was and she found a nickel.  She looked up to see if anyone had lost it...and, finding no one, she picked it up and said, 'Lord, this is wonderful, but I'm going to need a little more than this.' A thought then came to her, 'Don't worry about anything...just pray for everything.' She did exactly that, and some money came to her by way of a friend from whom she never expected a payback and everything worked out.

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